Sunday, 18 March 2012

McDonalds East Coast at Marine Cove - TUTUP FOREVER

Macdonalds East Coast (Marine Cove)

Macdonalds East Coast (Marine Cove)

Tonight at midnight, McDonalds at Marine Cove closes down forever to make way for National Parks "redevelopment plans". National Parks Board has yet to disclose specifically what these redevelopment plans are, besides stating that they will be "developing the area as a recreational green lung and providing easy access to the beach".

There is some talk that NPark's statement of "providing easy access to the beach" is their diplomatic way of saying that they will be flattening this well-loved hangout spot into a carpark. If there is any truth to that I would be very very disappointed... so I hope it is not true. Aren't they supposed to be the National Parks Board, not the National Parking Lots Board?

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