Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jalan Besar Traffic Light Button


It seems as if road redevelopment along Jalan Besar has resulted in new lows. After raising all the pedestrian and vehicular roads by a significant amount, here is my housemate pressing the traffic button as it now stands, ridiculously below knee level. This is the crossing I use almost every single day at the intersection of Rowell Road and Jalan Besar. Mind you, I will still press it each and every time even though it has now slipped to knee-height or lower, because I still believe that pressing the button makes a difference in the traffic light timing. Or gives one something to do while waiting.


  1. excessively considerate button for babies in stroller?

    1. maybe a button for groceries in trolleys pulled by old ladies! the vegetables will get out and push the button?