Thursday 21 June 2012

Yangtze Scribbler - Spotted on Queen Street

Yangtze Scribbler on Queen Street

Yangtze Scribbler - SPOTTED AGAIN (June 2012)! Thanks to a tipoff by my friend Yuta (who also lives along Jalan Besar), I had a little walk around Queen Street, around the Bus Terminal and the Indian Church - and I found this on the side wall of the slightly run-down "Cambridge Institute". I can't believe I missed it before as I have many shots of the old market that is now being disassembled across the road from it, and I must have been standing right in front of this spot before but I just hadn't noticed it before! At night, the path along this wall is not very well lighted.

Its proximity to the station suggests a possible connection to.... Malaysia. Either the person commutes to Malaysia via the bus and thus walks past this path frequently - or the person lives in my area (Near Little India/Jalan Besar) and is also walking around like me. What are the chances that I would have ended up moving to the exact area as the mystery writer whose scrawlings I first discovered on a wall in Chinatown some years ago?

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